Wrinkle Threatment

Wrinkle Threatment prices can be determined after evaluating the patient’s suitability for the operation, evaluating the application area and dose.

Wrinkle Treatment

What is Wrinkle Threatment?

Wrinkle Threatment, (Botilium toxin), prevents the communication between nerve and muscle tissue by blocking the secretions that provide transmission at the nerve endings. Its use in the field of aesthetics is to prevent wrinkling of the skin, which usually loses its elasticity with aging, by contraction of the mimic muscles. As a result of Wrinkle Threatment application, since the nerves in the related area cannot stimulate the muscles to contract, flattening occurs and wrinkles disappear.

Wrinkle Threatment Application

Wrinkle Threatment is not a surgical application, it is applied as an injection into the muscle tissue. The injection phase is very mild or painless. After Wrinkle Threatment is diluted, it is applied in small doses to the muscle tissue in the relevant area with fine-tipped injectors. For successful results, it should be performed by a successful and expert physician in facial anatomy.

After Wrinkle Threatment application

After Wrinkle Threatment application, the effect starts within 3-4 days and settles completely after an average of 1 week. Although rare, swelling and bruises may occur after the application. These heal quickly. Botulinum in the right dose and applied to the area is effective for 4 to 6 months.

It is possible to return to daily life immediately after the operation. It is recommended to stay away from work that requires long bending for a few hours after the procedure, to avoid hot showers and not to contract the facial muscles.

In which aesthetic applications is Botulinum toxcin used?

Aesthetic applications using Botilium;

  • Forehead, upper lip and neck wrinkles,
  • Elimination of the lines between the eyebrows that cause an angry expression on the face,
  • Crow’s feet around the eyes, prevention of under-eye bags, raised eyebrows,
  • Recovery and tightening of the drooping chin and neck line (Nefertiti B),
  • Preventing chin squareness and providing rounded lines with masseter
  • In teeth grinding problems
  • Reducing sweating with the application of sweat glands.

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